Audrey Kawasaki

This is my third purchase of audrey kawasaki’s artworks – Migawari (to give/sacrifice oneself). This was a signed and limited edition of 200 prints. The print sale was released on September 4, 2010 and I must say the experience of securing one online was crazy! It went ‘sold out’ literally in 3-5 seconds? I have to log on with 2 laptops, with Jas manning the other. My attempt failed as I went in too early, while Jas went in just at the exact right time as the sale opens exactly at 1 PM Pacific Time. The race was down to the miliseconds. Once you are in, 1 print will be reserved for you until you check out & make a full payment via paypal! The experience was full of adrenaline or near sugar-high rush. Anyway, after almost 4 months of USPS waiting , it finally arrived at the local post office last Friday as an early santa christmas gift.


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