♣ The Ballerina ♣

Rare Opulence Corset Ballet Dress

Rare Opulence Corset Ballet Dress

It was love ♥ at first sight when I first set eyes on this dress a few months ago at ASOS. However, logic withheld me from getting it as I wonder how many times or under what occasions I can wear the dress.

Recently watching the psychological thriller movie ‘Black Swan‘ regarding ballet dancers (starring Natalie Portman) reminded me of this dress again, hence when I checked, this dress is already  completely out of stock. Sigh, I should have gotten it even if I only manage to wear it once or it would be perfect for a pre-wedding shoot in the future.

Black Swan is psychological thriller about a ballerina, Nina, played by Natalie Portman. The plot revolves around the production of Swan Lake by a prestigious New York Ballet Company. In the beginning, the premier soloist Swan Queen (played by Winona Ryder) is forced into retirement by the company, in search of a younger fresher face to revive the Swan Lake. Whoever is cast as the new Swan Queen has to be able to dance both the innocent virginal White Swan and the sensual seductress Black Swan. Innocent Nina is perfect for the White Swan but she lacks the sensuality and passion for the Black Swan role. As she competes with Lily (who has the sexiness and sensuality to play the Black Swan), a dark side of Nina emerges as she struggles with paranoia and tries to be the perfect ballerina: in playing both the White Swan and the Black Swan.


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