Nicole, Keira, Audrey & Chanel

3 renowned directors & 3 gorgeous actresses

♦ 2004 Nicole Kidman & Baz Luhrmann [Director of  Moulin Rouge] ♦

♦ 2007 Keira Knightley & Joe Wright [Director of Atonement]

♦ 2009 Audrey Tautou  & Jean-Pierre Jeunet [Director of Amélie] ♦

I know these short films are not new as my first encounter with a Chanel ad was the Nicole Kidman’s back in 2004. I still remember watching it in awe, and admire how beautiful & refine the short film was made. Audrey Tautou Chanel ad was new to me as I only stumbled across it today, by Jean-Pierre Jeunet who directed the whimsical romantic french film Amélie. All three directors directed not just 3 of my most beloved movies – but also these 3 lovely Chanel ads. The directors’ style & narrative in their movies are definitely seen in these ads. Most girls have probably seen these videos, but if you have not – it’s a must-see & enjoy ~ !

*Photo Credits: The Sydney Morning Herald & The Vine

§ Musique: Claire de Lune by Claude Debussy §

§ Musique: L.O.V.E by Joss Stone §

§ Musique: I’m a fool to want you by Billie Holiday §


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