♥ Lomo Valentine ♥

take a bite of adam & eve themed diana f+ camera: take my HE♥RT  Perfect Valentine’s Gift! 

On the other hand, I was utterly awe struck when i saw this japanese stone garden inspired Lomo LC-A+ Japan White Edition camera. My immediate brain response was ‘I must have it!!’ Limited at 1000 pieces worldwide, it is completely sold out! oh my,  mon heart just plunged into oblivion. Oh well, i guess you can’t have everything. I already owned two of these: one in classic black (lc-a+) and one in red (lc-a). note: lc-a is the original russian made version, lc-a+ is a china remake of the old russian model by lomography.com.

Here are some scans of my original developed photos taken with my little red russian lc-a. first stop: phuket .second stop: cameron highlands

. own it : diana f+ & lomo lc-a+ . / . photographer: me . camera: lomo lc-a . films used: iso 400 & 800 . / . hotel: cameron highland resort . venue: boh tea plantation . / . note: icklebooks is the official lomography agent/shop in brunei . map .


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