Today, I surprised a good friend with a set of garden tools designed by Wild & Wolf for the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. Wild and Wolf have collaborated with the Victoria and Albert Museum to produce a range of home and garden tools in three classic prints; Cray, Anemone & Daisy by William Morris who is synonymous with the Arts and Crafts Movement and the Victorian era. Hence, when I saw this in Singapore, I knew I have to get it for my dear gardener friend – which I did in cray print. In return, he gave me a bouquet of flowers as a token of appreciation {lovely} & he also told me that the Victoria & Albert Museum was by Queen Victoria to her husband Prince Albert . When I got home, I received another surprise, an envelope mail for me from the United States. So, today I gave  someone a surprise & received 2 in return ♥.

♣ source ♣ images: {1} garden tools designed by wild & wolf for victoria & albert museum {2 & 3} bouquet from guan {4, 5 & 6} cotton candy kids by artist emily martin ♣ photographer: me ♣ camera: sony nex 5


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