Pleats & Ruffles

Designer tatyana merenyuk loves big bows, pleats and ruffles.

as a child, tatyana grew up in the beautiful city kiev, ukraine. from an early age, she had a taste for dress up and fairytales that gave her quite the imagination. her favourite question to this day is “can you tell me a story?” her mother would always dress her up in dresses that she made and pass me downs from her sister. but no matter what she was wearing, she always looked like a doll. and we cannot forget the big bows in the hair and knee high socks that was a must!

. source: red doll by tatyana merenyuk . own it: red doll shop . all her dresses are made to order & hand sewn; they range from USD 250 to USD 950 . in case you haven’t noticed, i have a huge soft spot for things in cream and blush, hence the name cotton & milk .


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