{ Mon Travelogue : Old Facades }

visited Singapore numerous times, but this trip, i have decided to stay away from the orchard road buzz. i have chosen to stay in the older facades of singapore: ann siang road @ chinatown. charmed by its quaint and lovely heritage buildings, i couldn’t ask more for a chill-out photography  trip. the area is still lined with quaint restored shophouses constructed between 1903 and 1941: which are turned into trendy bars, boutique hotels, espresso bars, niche bookstores, clothing boutiques, french cafes and etc. the famous boutique hotelthe scarlet is also located in this area, while I chose to stay next door at the club‘. i suspect my films have been through the x-ray machine too many times, hence several light leaks and grainy quality, and one roll of film kept showing uneven surface patterns in my shots. however, i still enjoy them and i hope you do too ♥.

♣ source ♣ photographer: me ♣ camera: lc-a


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