Artisan Du Chocolat

everyone loves little thoughtful gifts and surprises, especially from their loved ones. I got this lovely little box of chocolates from my best friend michelle while she was back visiting from London this year. you may feel it’s just a box of chocolates, but it’s the thought that goes a long way. thank you michelle ♥ ~ the company of this chocolate brand is l’artisan du chocolat.

♥ photographer: me ♥ camera: nikon coolpix s5


2 thoughts on “Artisan Du Chocolat

  1. What a darling box of chocolates and a perfectly pink ribbon! How sweet of your friend to give you such a lovely gift 🙂

    Big hugs xx

    Camille @ Paris in Pink

  2. Actually if your offering some photgraphy tips, I would like to know how you acheived the above effect on your photographs? I have seen this cropping up on a lot of blogs and I think it looks so dreamy, but I can’t quite get it myself. Any advice?

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