Yang Xun

While visiting richard koh fine art gallery in malaysia, i stumbled across the artworks of a young chinese artist named ‘yang xun’. as I scanned across his huge paintings hanging on the wall, i can’t seem to notice his works are the only one with the tiny red dots indicating ‘sold’ in the whole gallery.

Avoiding social realist depictions or superficiality, Yang Xun’s works are instead dreamy, haunting works that grapple with history. “It transports you into this mood, but you always feel as though you’re floating, fantasizing. When you awaken, you always question whether this scene is real or imagined,” says the artist.

And despite the artist showing so little and making use of such a limited colour palette, you can’t help but look twice at Yang Xun’s paintings. They are shrewdly captivating. And very much so because of the single light that illuminates the centre of each work, throwing focus on the subjects in the works like the cherry blossoms, bamboos, and architectural elements that evoke a romantic China of the past.

Rachel Jena . TimeOut  Magazine .


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