10435133_10101395723617478_6727830078084298782_nhello! my name is rachel and an engineer by education background and currently work in the oil & gas industry.  engineers have always been associated with numbers and logic, and i must admit that is very true but that doesn’t take away my love for all pretty  impractical things in life. i love  art, culture, historical sites especially heritage buildings, travel, photography and anything old, vintage and romantic. it brings me joy in making things pretty.  i don’t photograph by technique, i photograph  by intuition & a ‘care-free experimenting’ attitude. I am totally clueless about the technical terms in photography, i only know it’s a pretty photograph when I see it.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. love your blog! i love to take pictures of things i love… i dont follow the rules.. i just click… and they come out pretty amazing.. well to me anyway ❤

  2. hi Rachel, you are really amazing that can not believe that as a engineer, you are also so good at art… amazing bear

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